Background: India Court of Women on Dowry and Related Forms of Violence against Women

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The Vision and Objectives of the Court of Women

Through the voices of women who will share their testimonies of pain and resistance and also women and men who will offer their analyses and wisdoms, the India Court of Women on Dowry and other Related Forms of Violence against Women will attempt to recover this lost language of justice. Specifically this Court will seek to:

bring back to the centre of public consciousness and conscience the phenomena of dowry violence that has become invisible, normal and routine
initiate a rethink on our analyses of what constitutes dowry in the present context and understand its links not only to other forms of violence against women but also to the larger culture of violence and marginalisation inherent in the contemporary processes of development and globalisation.
reflect on and review the methodologies of redress including the law and
revision a mass movement that is multi layered thereby taking deeper root in people’s collective consciousness and in public polity.

Processes towards the Court
A process as much as an event, this Court since January 2008 has begun to gather together the experience, knowledges and analyses on the changing face of dowry and related forms of violence against women from different parts of the state and country. This is being done through several state level events including smaller public hearings, workshops and roundtable discussions as also storytelling, theatre performances, songs, film festivals, and other forms of creative and reflective interactions among different rural and urban communities.



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